About FRIO

FRIO was founded in 1996 supplying sports cooling products to Team GB at the Atlanta Olympics and Paralympics.  

Founders Garnet and Althea Wolsey first developed FRIO’s water-activated cooling crystals for use in sports cooling bands before the technology was then applied to the world’s first patented cooling wallet for insulin. FRIO remains the original and only patented insulin cooling wallet manufacturer in the world.

FRIO is a brand built on the need that 1 in 11 adults worldwide has diabetes and they must keep their insulin between the safe temperature range of 18-26°C because insulin begins to break down in high temperatures (above 26°C) and loses its effectiveness.

FRIO currently sees a 30% year on year sales growth and has a proven sales track record through chains and independent pharmacies currently generating £150,000 per month, with significant scope for growth.

Using a process of evaporation, FRIO wallets maintain a constant internal temperature of 18-26°C keeping 29 temperature sensitive medicines cool for a minimum of 45 hours including insulin, epinephrine, Humira, Ventolin and paracetamol.

Today FRIO exports to over 70 countries around the world, producing a range of cooling products using its patented technology, including medicine cooling wallets, drinks coolers, cosmetic wraps and head, neck, ankle and wrist bands.

As a patented product, retailers are safe in the knowledge that they are stocking the only product of its kind available to consumers on the market.