Why stock diabetic friendly socks

There is a number of health issues associated with those living with diabetes. The circulation of blood to the legs and feet is crucial to avoid potential problems and further complications ranging from discomfort through to serious bacterial infections.

  • They have relaxed tops and distributed elastics for a snug and comfortable fit
  • They have cushioned soles for added comfort
  • They have an open weave and seamless construction for superior ventilation

Reduced Risk

Unlike regular socks, Diabetic Friendly socks are intended to help reduce the risk of potential problems by way of their special design and material.

  • They are made from natural fibres for less irritation, moisture absorption and antibacterial qualities
  • They look great and look no different to regular socks
  • They are of exceptional quality and are fantastic value for money
  • Diabetic Socks can worn by anyone
  • There are thicker weaves available for use with boots
  • There are extra large sizes for those with bigger feet

Better Circulation

Regular socks generally have a tight elastic band around the tops of the socks to help keep them up. This can cause the elastic to cut into the skin and also greatly reduce circulation. Our socks are designed with the elastics spread throughout the shaft of the socks, providing a more even spread of compression and can actually help to maintain peripheral blood flow.

Natural Fibres

Many regular socks are made of entirely synthetic materials. This can cause overheating and excessive sweat, which in turn can create an undesirable foot environment such as the over production of bacteria which can result in foot infections. Our socks are made from natural fibres that have a looser weave allowing air to circulate,